Small Business Loans

WHY Orlando Biz Loans?

Who wants to jump through hoops only to be told “NO!” That's what the vast majority of business owners hear when they apply at their local bank for a small business loan. 

We believe you’ve probably forgotten more about your business then we will ever know.  You won’t hear that from the stuffed white shirts at the local bank, will you?

What we do know is that you are more than a credit score.  Much more.


Tools, Knowledge, Money

Those are the 3 elements needed for business to be successful.  You bring the tools and knowledge.  We bring the money.  We become your partner without taking equity.

Affordable, Flexible, Rates and Terms

Orlando Biz Loans offer small business loans with fixed and flexible business loans from 6 months to five years. Getting a small business loan makes the long-term success of your business a reality.

Old Fashioned Customer Service

Imagine feeling like you’re important and not just a number.  Imagine being so satisfied that you come back 2 to 3 times a year.  Imagine coming back two, three or four years in a row.  We work very hard for you every day because we know how hard you work to be successful.

It’s Easy to Apply for a Small Business Loan
We have a High Pre-Approval Rate
We Fund Your Business Loan Quickly

We have minimal paperwork, 24-hour pre-approvals and funding in a day or two.  High pre-approval rates and convenient repayment terms give you financial flexibility.  No red tape and no hassle.  Just a quick and easy process to get you the small business loan you need when you need it.

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